Bay Area Healthcare Worker Support Fund

The Bay Area Healthcare Worker Support Fund is organized by a healthcare worker who wishes to provide direct monetary support to colleagues currently on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic. As of 10/7/20, we are taking a break to catch up to current requests for support (donations still accepted and will be disbursed as soon as possible).

Not only are most healthcare providers not receiving hazard pay or adequate PPE, but some are experiencing cuts in pay or benefits. While hospitals, not citizens, should be responsible for taking care of their employees, we know that the corporate-level executives have failed to keep them appropriately safe and compensated.

Our Mission

To provide direct distribution of community-donated funds to healthcare providers who are currently working in the frontline settings (hospitals, post-acute, skilled nursing, home health, etc.).

We aim for equitable distribution of funds to provide direct monetary support to these irreplaceable workers who are risking their safety every day.

While providers appreciate donations of meals, flowers, and thank-you notes, nothing helps more than money. Workers whose hours or pay have been cut are especially urged to connect with us.

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Receive Support

We are currently closed to further request to catch up to current requests. To date, $3000 in donations has been disbursed to 30 healthcare workers on the frontlines, who are so grateful to our 54 donors from the community. Please refer to the donation tracker for details. We intend to return with increased capacity for outreach to strengthen our ability to give frontline workers some financial help in light of the massive challeneges they face during the ongoing pandemic and beyond. 

Full Transparency

All incoming and outgoing funds are tracked via a Google spreadsheet. Donations will be gathered on an ongoing basis until all of the workers who have requested support have received their equitable share. Our first fund disbursal was May 1st (International Workers' Day) to 16 frontliners, which has since increased to 24. If you prefer to donate via GoFundMe, please visit our campaign here.​​​​ 

Please Spread The Word!

We need your outreach support to raise funds and to refer healthcare workers to us so we can give them something a little more substantial than a “thank you.” Here's an Instagram image you can post.

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