Bay Area Healthcare Worker Support Fund


Who benefits from this fund?

The BAHWSF provides monetary support directly to any healthcare worker (including ancillary and support staff) that is working in any capacity during the pandemic. This includes workers who have experienced a loss of paid hours or cuts in wages secondary to decisions made by their facilities. Any frontline healthcare worker is encouraged to apply to receive funds via our request form.

How can I donate?

The best way is to use the donation form. You can also just Venmo us from your app at @BAHWSF. I am working on a GoFundMe, but Venmo is the easiest way to maximize the impact of your dollars, since it will not take a cut for its own operations. Contact me if you wish to donate by Paypal, check, or cash – we can definitely make that happen!

I’m a healthcare worker and I really need monetary support. How can I get funding?

Use the donation request form here! In some cases, we may ask you to show proof of employment, like a photo of your work ID or recent pay stub. You will receive a deposit in your Venmo account (if you have one) between May 1-15. PayPal also works. If you need to receive funds via any other method, please mention that in your request and I will get in touch with you to see how we can make that happen.

How do I know where my donation is going?

All incoming and outgoing funds are tracked on this spreadsheet in an attempt to stay accountable and transparent to our donors. The identities of recipients are kept confidential for privacy reasons. At the moment, we are not formally registered as a charity or a nonprofit; but as we continue to grow I would love to explore the possibility of establishing a more formal status. Please contact me if you can advise or assist. In the meantime, please understand that this is organized and run by one person and is 100% grassroots and DIY. I have put my entire professional and personal reputation at stake with this organization, so there is no way that I would ever misuse donor contributions for any kind of personal gain.

Is my donation tax-deductible? 

Because this is a DIY fundraiser and not yet formally registered with the IRS, Venmo donations aren’t tax deductible. I’m working to set-up a GoFundMe which will allow donations on that site to be tax deductible. 

Who organized this fund?

I am a speech-language pathologist who has worked in many healthcare settings, including hospitals/ICUs, nursing facilities, and home health. My specialty is the rehabilitation of speech, language, cognitive, and swallowing disorders in adults and adolescents. While I am not working in any COVID+ settings at this time, I have tremendous compassion and concern for my colleagues that are. I started this fund to provide the community with a more tangible, substantive, and impactful way to support the efforts of healthcare workers who are facing colossal obstacles to providing care that is safe for both them and their patients.

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